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It is said that a stone hidden in an apple is an orchard that you can’t see yet. That’s how I was, a seed born in Romania, on Transylvanian plains that sprouted in Cluj – Napoca, and also here, in the Fine Arts High School and in the Univ. of Arts and Design, I flourished professionally in several branches of art: easel painting, mural painting and conservation-restoration.

The passion for color and beauty planted in me the continuous desire to paint various themes, to give advice in the field of art and chromatology, to write articles and studies in academic magazines or specialized books.

Beyond fine art, the adornment of my soul, I am passionate about the growth and development of the human being through artistic means and color.


What ayou are about to read is already in my works. You will look at chromatic harmonies, you will feel emotions and often you will be face to face with my thoughts as in a dialogue in which you will be able to hear the dimension of the beauty of the surrounding world.

Here, I invite you to browse my art gallery and choose a painting that suits your needs. Remember that each work is a unique product of my imagination and I assure you that once you have taken a painting from the gallery, you have also chosen to give a legacy to your loved ones.

I know you are here because only the beautiful man is attracted to the beautiful!


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